Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Visual Studio 2005 ReportViewer controls website

Rajeev Karunakaran runs a great website about Visual Studio 2005 ReportViewer controls. Get articles, FAQ, demo samples, and so on entering at

We’ve downloaded and extended the Invoice Maker sample from there in order it can support barcode images using our Barcode Professional for Reporting Services component. We provide a Step By Step Guide about the conversion as well.

SSRS Group Program Manager points out Neodynamic

Brian Welcker is Group Program Manager for SQL Server Reporting Services and in this post, he points out Neodynamic as one of the first Reporting Services partners that have launched updated products for Reporting Services 2005; Barcode Professional for Reporting Services in our case.
We at Neodynamic want to thank him for his comments and words.

Friday, November 11, 2005

Neodynamic: new logo, website, and products versions

At last! After hard working for a couple of months, Neodynamic was re-launched.
This was our bigger change after one year and a half. A new logo and a new corporate website were designed and now they’re online.
I personally like the new logo. We maintained blue color (I like very much blue) and I think that it’s very cool. Compare our old logo with the new one:

The new website suffered dramatic changes from esthetical to new sections like search capability, customer list, and home page and product pages re-design. So far, I have to admit I very satisfied with our job. But it’s only the beginning…
We too updated all our products to .NET 2.0, Visual Studio 2005, and SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services. Barcode Professional for Reporting Services 2005 was the release more complicated to get out due to that we developed it without any official documentation… but it was funny and an amazing experience. More about it in next future posts. Well, I’m very tired at this moment, so it’s time to go home. Have a nice weekend.